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This was my first attempt at wood cut. My charge was to replicate a master printmaker's work only after I have researched the artist and written a paper about him. I chose Albrecht Dürer's Samson Wrestles the Lion. This was for an undergrad class taught by the master printer Jim Todd and Raphael Chacon. Professor Todd, rather firmly told me that I had bitten off more than I could chew, and to reduce the piece to 1/4 of the original picture. So I chose to focus on the background upper left. I spend about 18 hours carving, and 8 hours pulling prints. The paper yielded a B letter grade upon resubmission. I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. Only two artist proofs remain; one is beautifully framed and hung in my parent's home, the other is safely ensconced in one of my portfolios.

Learning Curve (Woodcut After Dürer)
After Albrecht Dürer "Sampson Slaying the Lion" 1/4 reproduction