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Hoon's Artwork Sunday Morning Funnies # 8
Sunday Morning Funnies # 8
Mixed Media on Vellum & Cold Pressed Paper
8 x 10" ID

There seems to be some zeitgeist or world consciousness that operates in the open but is just beyond the artists' comprehension: often an artist will work to conceptualize visual art only to find that someone is producing if not the same thing or at least something very similar to the concerned artist's ideas and expressions. The idea of genetic engineering and the circus freaks of the traveling side show appealed to me for some time, and I worked on how my mind would produce this imagined frankenstein. Naturally, in keeping with the above mentioned observation, I was bemused by the sheer quantity of similar ideas to, what I considered, my own. Can there truly be originality in a world of increasingly interconnected billions upon billions of people?